iKNiTO Publishing Suite for Cloud based digital publishing and Delivery

A Book Reader for All!


Our Reader component is a multi-format supporting reader which fully supports ePUB3 standard as well as ePUB2 and PDF.

Access your books anywhere, anytime, Online or Offline, and on any device. Just download them from the Drive and read them wherever you go.

With synchronized table of content, navigate to any location in the book through the TOC.  In the same way, see where in the TOC you are at any time.

If you quit reading from one device and starts reading from another device, the last location will be available when reading is restarted. Reading history is also available for Videos and Audios and you can continue from the location you last were.

The Reader can be used to store the readership statistics in a fine detailed granularity. This will help policy makers and publishers to know the market better and have a right and meaningful plan for it.


PUBNiTO Reader is built for anyone who wishes to have a versatile book and content reader which works on all types of devices and all platforms.

Text book publishers and specially those in K12 publishing, Ministries of Education with centralized text book publishing, or even a teacher who prepares his or her course ware can use it to deliver their enriched text books to teachers ans students.

Publishers and specially indie publishers may now have a book reader which can be branded under their own name.

The reader application is available on Android and iOS as well as a web application which makes it an anywhere/ anytime solution.


PUBNiTO provides a pleasant reading experience as well as special features for accessibility:

Themes: Users are able to apply themes to their readers. This is useful for color blind and some visually impaired customers. Also, the night mode color theme changes the colors in a way that eyes will not get tired at night.

Columns: Based on the display size, 1-column or 2-column view can be selected.

Fonts: Users are able to select their preferred reading font as well as the font size. Larger font sizes are essential for the visually impaired users.

Text to Speech: ePUB3 supports to text-to-speech.



Readium is a robust, performant, spec-compliant ePUB reading system that can be deployed in browsers, embedded into browser apps like the Google Chrome extension or simply embedded as an SDK into native applications.
We adopted both fully functional Readium SDK and JS viewer and added extra features such as annotations, bookmarks and reading progression level and also localized and customized it to fully support RTL languages, styles and fonts.


The Reader supports PDF as well as the industry standard adaptive layout EPUB3 file format, which is optimal for an immersive reading experience on mobile devices.

This gives plenty of possibilities, including:

  • Audio, Video
  • Interactivity
  • Global Language Support
  • Multi-Column Layout
  • Hyphenation
  • And much more

Right to Left | Left to Right

Fully supports all languages. Currently PUBNiTO is unique in supporting Right to Left languages such as Arabic and Persian. Also, it fully supports true mathematical formulas in any direction and any language.

Central Annotation Services

Users can create bookmarks anywhere in the books. The bookmarks are stored in a central server. This makes them available on any device, anywhere. Notes and Highlights are available in all of the books. Users can select colors to have a color coding for their highlights.  All of the notes and highlights are synchronized and are device independent. You can easily share notes with your friends and teachers. Ask questions and receive answers.