PUBNiTO comes complete with authoring and publishing. It is in effect a 360 degree integration of products. It is therefore an ideal platform for publishers and specially those publishing digitally. The suite is a perfect match for Indie publishers who would like to have their own online book reader platform, perhaps in addition  to some of the well known ones.

PUBNiTO may be white labeled to make a complete independent and branded platform for any publisher.

Government and corporations are other candidates to use PUBNiTO. Any institute who publishers documents, manuals, reports etc, can fully use the platform.

Through the Book Store component publishers can upload and provide access to all customers. The Store can act as a central platform to sell and distribute books by all publishers. In addition, it will provide online readership statistics to publishers which help them to trace and understand the trends in the market.

Our Digital Right Management (DRM) solution will give publishers the peace of mind about security of their assets in the platform. Once a customer purchases an eBook, a special signed version of the book is transformed into their Drive storage. That book is digitally signed just for that user and no one else will be able to use it. This will significantly encourage publishers to work on this platform without fearing to lose business if their eBook content is illegally copied in the black market.

Central Annotation will help readers to interact with other fellow interested readers as well as authors and publishers. They can share their feedbacks, discuss and highlight their own interests.