This segment will benefit significantly from the product by having access to interactive/rich ePUB3 content. This will revolutionize the reading experience of the K-12 population into more effective and fun learning. They are now able to collaborate and annotate on the books, and bring social network aspects to the solution. One of the most important opportunities in K-12 segment is to convert and enrich the textbooks to ePub3 format. This will let us add Video, Audio and Interactive content to the book. This will upgrade the textbook from plain sources of information to virtual classrooms that students can get through them on their own pace and also depth of learning. One of the key potential of ePUB3 format is the interactive content support.  This will let us develop components that can make learning a fully engaged experience for kids. In addition, special plugins can be developed to deeply integrate the ePub3 content with special resources available to a group of customers. As an example, plugins can be developed to fetch content from sources such as Wikipedia and present it in the eBook as a seamless experience. In addition to media rich content. The central annotation part of the solution will let students and teachers to interact through their annotations. They can select a paragraph in the book and ask their questions, others can reply and a thread of discussion can be formed. This will give students opportunity to learn through opinion and help of others which makes the textbooks a living ecosystem.