iKNiTO Publishing Suite for Cloud based digital publishing and Delivery

Your Drive Storage, Anywhere!


PUBNiTO Drive  is a cloud storage that lets users store and share their content in a central, secure and portable location. Drive supports sharing of the content between users and groups.

All types of digital assets can be uploaded to the drive and be stored and shared. User will be able to upload any file from a local computer into the Drive.

Drive storage is built on highly secure code base which provides a secure and reliable solution to store digital books and documents.



PUBNiTO Drive is part of our publishing suite but may also be used on its own. Anyone who has digital content can use this in order to organize and access his or her assets.

The Drive storage is a general repository for users to store their digital assets. Video, Audio and any other file can be stored as well as PDF and ePUB and ePUB3 files. Each user can be assigned a disk quota on the amount of files they can upload into the Drive. This storage is manageable by a system administrators.


PUBNiTO Drive is DRM protected and supports encrypted ebook formats to protect publisher rights. Files will be encrypted for individuals and even if they download it they will not be able to make it public, as all files are individually signed for each customer.

The Drive application fully supports SAML 2.0 standard. Any identity provider that supports this standard can be used to perform the Single Sign On (SSO) authentication.


Other applications can easily be integrated with the Drive to import their files into user’s drive. As an example, a Journal System can be connected to let users to import articles into their drive instead of downloading them on a local computer.


List view in the Drive is similar to the classic hard drive views which are available on most operating systems. This view will be mostly used to view and manage general files in the drive.

For Ebook management, Shelf view is designed. As eBook reading and management is one of the main functionalities of the Drive, a shelf view is designed to make it similar to the personal libraries. In shelf view, eBook and PDF files are shown as thumbnail. For eBooks the cover image is shown and for PDF files, a thumbnail of the first page is automatically captured and shown to user.

Manage and Share

Users can manage files and folders and structure their data in any folder structure that they prefer. There is no limit on the depth or structure of the folders.

Users can share files with other individual users or groups. This makes the drive platform a world class solution for users and allows them to have all the sharing features required.