Central Annotation Services
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Book Mark, Comment, Highlight, Tag, Share!


The annotation service is designed to upgrade simple annotation and highlighting concept to another level. Once users are allowed to share their notes and get replies and feedback from other users we will have a live ecosystem of interaction on the content.  Central Annotation Services (CAS) is one of those disrupting capabilities that can lead into limitless new flows in reading experience.

Just imagine this possibility. You are reading a textbook and find a concept or word or phrase interesting and wish to let your friends know about it. Or you find a question which sounds interesting for others to answer. All of these may be shared within your group of friends and teachers. In time, you will also get to see their responses.

However, it is not all about sharing. CAS is an essential service in PUBNiTO which lets you book mark, highlight, comment and tag when you are reading. All of these are synchronized between multiple devices that you might have.


User notes and tags are stored in a central server. System provides autocomplete capabilities for the tags to avoid typos.

Notes are completely searchable in the system. Both through the note content as well as the tags that are assigned to them.

Users are able to make their notes visible to other users or groups or even public. In this case, other users can see and reply on the notes. A complete discussion can be formed around highlights and notes.

Users can setup notification preferences to receive notifications once someone replies on their notes or annotations.

Admins will have access to the public highlights to manage and administrate them.