Book Store
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PUBNiTO Book Store allows users to have access to organized and well-designed store for books. They can get the books from the store and upload it to their Drive storage.  The store will let publishers to publish their books and use the commerce capabilities of the store to perform their business.  The store component is an independent component that can be replaced by any other repository of eBooks.  


PUBNiTO Book Store is for publishers. The platform supports e-Commerce capabilities to facilitate selling  books on behalf of publishers.

Alongside paid books, the platform also supports free books.

Your Brand Your Home Page

Publisher is able to brand and customize the home page. The home for desktop and mobile versions can be configured independently.

Publishers can assign tags and categories to books from a predefined set. Admin is able to modify the predefined set of tags and categories.



Book Store is a Multi-language website, which fully supports right-to-left languages, as well as left-to-right.


Book Store is part of the PUBNiTO’s iOS and Android application to provide a seamless experience for users.



Publishers can decide to mark the eBook to be encrypted. This will cause the book content to be encrypted and once a customer buys it, an individually signed copy of it will be generated and sent to the customer.