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With PUBNiTO you can write books, a work of fiction, a manual, a cookbook, whatever. You can write textbooks. That is textbooks for this century with all the interaction and audio and visuals in them. Add quizzes and tests. You can also customize existing content to apply to a very specific context, or translate a book into another language. Anyone can start writing. It is super simple and has various features to help you. You can write all by yourself, or get help from others.


Actually publishing is not far from authoring. With PUBNiTO you can create books. Real, good-looking paper books you can hold in your hands. You can also use its output to PDF, EPUB, XML and HTML to export books ready for our PUBNiTO Reader or the open web. We prefer the digital ones, but it is up to you. You can actually export the book to your own book store and start presenting it to the market. Your readership can use your own flexible reader on any device and be completely independent of any specific hardware or platform provider.

Roles and FLow

The publishing field has traditionally used a relatively clear definition of roles and flow of information. PUBNiTO supports them. Here you can choose what role will be set by default for anonymous users and registered users. PUBNiTO contains a number of pre-defined roles. You can edit these pre-defined roles and add new roles. You can also manage flow of information and tasks between these roles.

Collaborative Authoring

Yes, this is it. More than one person can be involved in authoring, be it writing different chapters, or helping with graphics, layout, or any other task. It is designed to help you produce books with others, or by yourself. It is also a social environment where you can share notes on producing books, seek assistance from others, or look for projects to contribute to.

Accelerated Authoring

While you can use PUBNiTO to support traditional book authoring processes, it also supports the rapid development of content in ‘book sprints’. A book sprint is an intensive collaborative event where typically six to ten people can focus on writing a book in three to five days. These collaborators might be in the same room or located around the Internet; in either case, they work together simultaneously to produce a book.

Book Licenses

When a user creates a book, they can choose from a number of copyright licenses under which the book will be published, including ‘All rights reserved’ if you wish to allow that. PUBNiTO comes pre-configured with a selection of the most popular licenses for creative works.



Write | Collaborate | Publish

Booktype is web based, single-source publishing software for creating beautiful books, reports, manuals and more. An open source platform ideal for editorial teams working on complex projects. Booktype is very, very fast. Manuscripts can be imported from Word or EPUB files; the finished publication can be exported for short run or litho print, e-readers, tablets, mobile devices and websites, and to Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word. Create once, publish everywhere. It is Free Software (licensed under the GNU Affero GPL from Booktype), meaning that it can be freely downloaded, re-used and customized. You can install your own copy on a server, or alternatively you can set up a cloud-hosted account and let the our team take care of installation, hosting and security.

PUBNiTO team is a contributor to BOOKTYPE

Translation to Arabic and Persian languages. Addition of Right To Left templates and styles Auto switching of styles based on user language. New plugin to insert video inside content and export it in ePUB files. Plugin to insert formula.



Sample Arabic Text Book

Sample Persian Text Book