By providing a tool to store/read and collaborate on Academic resources, it helps scholars to have more engaged experience in organizing their content.

Our Drive cloud storage can provide a central location for researchers to store and organize their literature review. This will give them access to all of their research history on any device. The drive store can also be used to keep other research assets including datasets, graphs and videos, and even source code related to their work. The sharing capabilities of the drive storage, will enable instructors and researches share their content. The content can vary from lab instructions to full literature review and even the draft version of a dissertation. This secure sharing facility can boost the level of interaction in the academic space.

The drive product is capable of importing PDF and ePub assets from any source that researchers have access to. This can vary from research institute repositories to publisher provided resources. Importing capability makes it easy to collect and maintain literature review and as a result makes researchers life much easier.

Central Annotation capabilities let researchers to interact over their papers with your fellow researchers. This in effect will bring a new life to the platform. This can be extended to the point that full peer review can be conducted here with capabilities of the platform.