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iKNiTO Publishing Suite for Cloud based digital publishing and Delivery


It is a comprehensive Left To Right and Right To Left cloud based solution for publishers, authors, corporations as well as educators. It helps them to enrich their digital publishing experience from writing to publishing, from selling to reading.

PUBNiTO Authoring Studio and Publishing

Perfect authoring tool.

Write and create beautiful books with quizzes, audio, video, links, and interaction.

Write yourself or collaboratively, and publish your book in all formats at one stop.


A DRM protected storage drive for your assets on cloud.

Store your asset in a central, secure and portable location.

Supports sharing of  content between users and groups to increase productivity.

PUBNiTO Reader

Read book, add notes, highlight, listen, and watch on any of your devices.

Leave it and continue to read on any device.

All synchronized. Left To Right and Right To Left.

Central Annotation Services

Stores and manages comments, notes and tags across multiple devices, using Central Annotation Services.

Encourages collaboration within the institutes and beyond.

PUBNiTO Book Store

Publish and sell your books online.

E-commerce embedded to facilitate book sales.

Full Digital Right Management (DRM) for peace of mind. Giveaway books for free.



PUBNiTO is an advanced and reliable platform for your publishing activities. It enables you to create modern digital books using audio, video, and interactive assets in ePUB3 format. Our cloud based products can be acquired and branded under your publishing  brand.

Whether you are a major publishing house or a small indi publisher, PUBNiTO offers a complete and one stop solution from authoring to publishing and delivery on different types of online platforms and devices.

PUBNITO is multi-lingual and bi-directional. It is a unique product for beautiful digital publishing of books in languages such as Arabic and Persian which are right to left.

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Anyone who reads and produces content can use PUBNiTO.

PUBNiTO comes with a drive storage which acts like a library and can store your assets, be it audio, video, PDF, ePUB, ePUB3, etc.

Start reading your documents and books and use all interactive features of PUBNiTO such as annotations.

Share your thoughts and questions with others.

Experience reading on your different devices, which have all your content and interactions synchronized across all of them.

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K12 is a major target market for the new digital books. ePUB3 lets us add all sorts of educational assets into our traditional books.

PUBNiTO provides a complete solution for educational publishers as well as the main stakeholders; educators and their school organizations.

Teachers can use PUBNiTO to create their customized books or workbooks, while school boards and ministries of education can move towards transforming all their textbooks into online and interactive books.

There is a major transformation happening for textbooks. They are no longer passive collection of papers. Textbooks are becoming a collection of teaching assets combined with audio, video, evaluation tools and resources, as well as social and iterative facilities.

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